Track 4B Electives (EL)

The Electives (EL) track allows coach trainees who have mastered the Coaching Essentials and Whole Life tracks to select 4 areas of coaching in which to focus for his or her coaching business.

This track will include:

  • Selection of 4 Coaching Areas
  • Completion of 2 lessons per elective
  • Coaching sessions with coach trainers
  • Next Steps—weekly assignments
  • Summit – held in the Atlanta area

The Specialized Core Competencies track will afford an opportunity for the coach trainee to interact with the material of 4 coach trainers in specialized areas. It is inclusive of 2 coaching sessions with coach trainers from each of the 4 areas selected.

The Specialized Core Competences (electives) in this track are continually developing and topic offerings may vary. The coach trainee may select any 4 from the following list:

  1. Coaching Healthy Pastoral Teams
  2. The Art of Servanthood in Ministry & Marketplace
  3. The Challenge of Losing Weight
  4. Building Confidence
  5. Essential Components of Success
  6. Thriving Through Difficult Relationships
  7. Living Life on Purpose
  8. Marriage Coaching: Business & Coaching Models
  9. Financial Freedom
  10. Strategic Change: Your next Big Move

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