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Every organization wants to grow. Every organization wants to grow faster. Are you ready for more?

UNSTUCK: Accelerate Your Vision, Team & Life is designed to do just that. This proven program can be delivered by trained coach leaders to your organization and team.

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January 15th, 2018, Week 1 and Orientation | SUMMIT DETAILS: March 17th, 2018 (Nashville)


Individuals come for coaching for various reasons. Some are stuck in an area of their lives and have not been able to make needed changes. Others are at a point of crisis where a change has to be made in order for life to continue with some normalcy. Still others desire personal growth and development. A few may even want coaching because they are curious: “What is this thing called coaching? Does it really work, and how can it help me?”


Dream Releaser Coaching is composed of four tracks: Coaching Essentials, Whole Life Coaching, Coaching with Sam Chand, Building Your Coaching Business and Electives, with additional track, Coach Trainer Workshop. Each facet of Dream Releaser Coaching includes one-on-one guidance from DRC’s diverse and experienced team members. With learning tools such as weekly teleconferences, on-site clinics and peer-level co-coaching, you will receive high-touch, high-tech interaction that will prepare you to influence those you lead as well as pass on your knowledge as a certified life coach.

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