International Coaching Federation Credentialing

Do you want to take your coaching business to a higher professional level?

Do you want to be certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Do you want to increase your professional coaching income?

Dream Releaser Coaching has several experienced Coach Trainers that have benefited firsthand by being credentialed through the International Coach Federation (ICF). These coaches will be able to provide you with the required mentor coaching for becoming credentialed. These trainers have obtained an ACC Portfolio Path credentialing status which qualifies to prepare you for your credentialing application, according to ICF requirements.
Find Dream Releaser Coaching on the International Coaching Federation's website by clicking here, typing in Dream Releaser Coaching under Accredited Organization and choosing Search.

Why become credentialed?

Coaches with ICF credentials get more opportunities for coaching, earn higher than average annual incomes, increase their referrals and client satisfaction, meet the expectations of corporate and government clients, and are personally fulfilled through their own personal and career development.

As your mentor, they will prepare you for this process and provide a range of services through Track 5. You will engage in weekly video or phone meetings with other coaches seeking credentialing. You will gain tools and information needed to complete this achievement.

Advance your coaching career and become a more effective coach by pursuing your credentialing through the International Coach Federation.

Available Coach Trainers:

Chris Bowen

Coach Trainer


Robin Buttler 

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Lead Coach Trainer


When you sign up for Track 5 you will be asked to choose. Please check their bios on our team page for more information!