Track 3 Coaching with Dr. Sam Chand (CSC)

Track 3, Coaching with Dr. Sam Chand (CSC), will be the culmination of what Dream Releaser Coaching offers. This track will feature the personal teaching and coaching of founder Sam Chand.

This track will include:

  • Weekly teleconferences with a coach trainer
  • Next Steps – weekly assignments
  • Summit – held in the Atlanta area
  • Peer co-coaching

The topics in this track are personal to the founder. They are topics that, in his experience, every leader faces and thus every coach will find himself or herself faced with the challenge of coaching others through these issues.

The topics for this track include: Focus, Vision Casting, Communication, Decision Making, Choosing the Team, Leadership Development, Change vs. Transition, Conflict, Organizational Congruence, Financial Management, Time Allocation, Control vs. Delegation, Execution, Future Thinking, and Legacy.

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