[Podcast] Dream Out Loud with Brenda Chand: How Coaches Give Hope

podcast Jun 23, 2022

Today, we're sitting down with Brenda Chand, co-founder of DRC, coach, and coach trainer, to discuss her coaching journey, the genesis of Dream Releaser Coaching, some of the many lessons she's learned along the way, how coaches can build trust with clients, and so much more!

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[Podcast] Dream Out Loud with Debbie Chand: Behind the Scenes of DRC

podcast Jun 16, 2022


Today, we're chatting with CEO of Dream Releaser Coaching, Debbie Chand, about the biggest transitions in the DRC journey, her most memorable experiences, how she has grown because of DRC, and so much more!

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[Podcast] Dream Out Loud with Marvin Allen: Coaching As a Calling

podcast Jun 09, 2022


Today, we're talking with Marvin Allen, former client of DRC and certified life coach, to talk about coaching as a calling. Tune in for the inspiring journey that Marvin has been on, the nature of coaching as a profession, some "aha" moments that his clients have had, and so much more! Additionally, learn how coaching is both a business and a service, and how you can excel in...

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[Podcast] Dream Out Loud with Robin Buttler: Why ICF Certification

podcast Jun 02, 2022


Today, we sit down with Robin LaGrow-Buttler, ICF-certified life coach and trainer for Dream Releaser Coaching, to talk about International Coaching Federation certification and why it's a great opportunity for coaches to further their education and expertise. If you've been considering the next step in your coaching journey, or even thinking through coaching as a career path for...

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[Podcast] Dream Out Loud with Nathan Bowen: How Coaching Can Change Your Life

podcast May 26, 2022


In this episode, we're sitting down with Nathan Bowen, leader and athletic trainer, to discuss the effect that coaching has both on the one being coached and the coach! Through various transitions, we can be challenged to think, grow, and better ourselves—and a coach can help us identify and process these changes! Join us for an encouraging talk and be inspired to pursue...

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[Podcast] Dream Out Loud with Kira Cardwell: How Coaching Has Changed My Life

podcast May 19, 2022


In this episode, we sit down with Kira Cardwell to chat about her calling and passion, the importance of coaching in her own leadership process, what life fulfillment truly is and how we can find it, taking the first step into your own journey with coaching, and so much more. You won't want to miss the insights and encouragement here!

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[Podcast] Dream Out Loud with Sherry Gaither: Why Coaching Works

podcast May 12, 2022


Today, we’re talking with Dr. Sherry Gaither, who is a pastor, educator, author, and life coach, about why coaching works. We’ll talk about how she was called into coaching, what a coach’s role entails, the marriage of service and business, the importance of training, and how coaching someone else actually develops you, as well!

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[Podcast] Dream Out Loud with Sam Chand: Helping Others Succeed

podcast May 04, 2022


In the inaugural episode of the Dream Out Loud Podcast, we're sitting down with our Founder, Sam Chand! We'll discuss the journey Dream Releaser Coaching has taken over the past twelve years, the value of coaching, the benefits of becoming a coach, and so much more.

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